Soulmates (single 2016)

by Kristina Sabo & Leisure



LEISURE - Soulmates (single 2016)


Music: Tom Sabo
Lyrics: Kristina Sabo

Drowning in the ocean with a million dollar attitude
Sorrow, pain and corpses
Are all that stays after you

Why should I see foreclosure of an ecstasy?
It's gettin dark and you're so close you're blinding me

All you ever wanted, what you needed so bad
All you've been chasing, it's right behind your back

Why don't you see, that you're so fast you're leaving me
Behind without a lead, in a neverending dark

Why don't you see, that you're so fast how I'll never be
It's getting dark, and you're so far I'm finally free

Why don't you see
Why are you leaving me behind
Why should I see
Why you're not watching after me

The sorrow, the corpses
The aftermath of bad choices
Haunting me


released April 1, 2016
Music: Tom Sabo
Lyrics: Kristina Sabo
LEISURE - Soulmates (single 2016)

Produced by Milan Cimfe. Recorded at Sono Studios. Mixed and mastered by Milan Cimfe. Copyright © 2016 Leisure. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Kristina Sabo & Leisure Bratislava, Slovakia

LEISURE is a poprock band formed by a huge Lana Del Rey fan and a bunch of talented metalheads, putting together their music taste, so in their songs you can hear some nice orchestral bacgrounds, catchy guitar melodies and vocals sliced with some heavymetal breaks.

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